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Godspeed Couriers love to ride their bikes so much that when we are not working on them, we race 'em! Over the past five years we have participated in hundreds of races ranging from USCF sanctioned events on the US Pro Tour to the Cycle Messenger World Championships.

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Some of our more recent results include...

Bike Messenger Events

2008 Quake City Rumble: San Francisco
1st place Jim Riley
2nd place Mike Rabdau

2008 Mountain Lion, Alley Cat: San Francisco
1st place Jim Riley
2nd place Mike Rabdau

2007 Cycle Messenger World Championship: Dublin, Ireland
8th place James Connell
9th place Brandon Correia

2007 North American Cycle Courier Championship: San Francisco
1st place North American Champion Mike Rabdau

2006 Cycle Messenger World Championships: Sydney, Australia
2nd place Mike Rabdau
6th place Brandon Correia

2006 Fool's Gold Rush Alleycat
1st place Brandon Correia
3rd place Demarco McCall

2006 North American Cycle Courier Championship: Philadelphia
Main Race Finalists (100+ riders)
2nd place Mike Rabdau
5th place James Newman
7th place Brandon Correia
14th place Brendan Miller

2006 VeloCity Tour Stage 1, Los Angeles
Best Team - Godspeed Courier (Aaron Lipke, Brendan Miller, James Newman, Billy Sinkford, Demarco McCall)

2006 West Side Invite
Winner! Mike Rabdau

2005 Cycle Messenger World Championships: New York
Team Dispatch Race -Winners! Team Godspeed!
Main Race Finalists (over 700 registered)
Brandon Correia 10th place
Mike Rabdau 11th place
Brendan Miller 21st place
James Newman 43rd place

2005 North American Cycle Courier Championships: Portland, Oregon
Winner! Mike Rabdau.
Finalist, 5th overall, Brandon Correia
Finalist, 6th overall Brendan Miller
Finalist, 14th overall Aaron Lipke
Finalist, 19th overall, 6th fixed gear James Newman

2004 Cycle Messenger World Championships: Edmonton, Canada
2nd North American, 5th Overall - Brandon Correia
Finalist, 8th Overall - Mike Rabdau

2002 West Side Invite (Messenger Race): Winner! Mike Rabdau

2002 Cycle Messenger World Championships: Copenhagen, Denmark
1st North American, 23rd Overall - Brandon Correia
Finalist, 35th Overall - Mike Rabdau

2001 San Francisco Alley Cat Challenge: Grand Champion Mike Rabdau

Road Race Events

2008 Lafayette Criterium: Cat 3 Winner! Brandon Correia

2008 Albany Criterium: Cat 3 Winner! Brandon Correia

2006 Sausalito Criterium
7th place Brandon Correia
8th place Jason Hayes
11th place Chris Pillette

2006 Pacific Bank GP: 6th place Jason Hayes

2003 Santa Cruz Classic Criterium: Cat 4 Winner! Brandon Correia

2003 Bensenville Criterium, Wisconsin: Cat4 Winner! Brandon Corriea

2003 International Cycling Classic: 6th place Overall Cat4 (17 stages), Brandon Correia

2003 Pilarcitos Stage Race: 4th place Overall Cat3 (3 stages), Chris Pillette

2003 Santa Nella Road Race: 2nd place Cat3, Chris Pillette

Stay tuned for more from our Race Team!