Our clients are often surprised at the size and wide array of packages our bicycle couriers are able to transport anywhere within the San Francisco city limits. Bicycle packages include, but are not limited to: envelopes, document/file folders, books, small boxes, architecture rolls, proofs, photos, disks, hard drives, laptops, and other small objects. The base rate for bicycle deliveries is roughly what you can fit in a medium size FedEx box. We DO NOT specialize in food delivery and have limited availability for this type of service.


For shipments that are more than a couple small boxes, Godspeed utilizes standard and high roof cargo vans for deliveries within SF + Bay Area. We can accommodate any items that are manageable by one person using a handcart. Our drivers will take every reasonable precaution to properly load and secure items, but cannot supply extra packing materials for delicate items such as glass or mirrors. We do not provide Moving Services and may be unable to quickly accommodate orders which require an empty van. Vehicle items larger than 70″ x 45″ x 30″ or any single item weighing more than 70 pounds require additional time.

San Francisco Bicycle & Vehicle Services

Pick Up and Delivery in San Francisco
Zone 2 Hour 1 Hour 30 Min Direct
1 $13.50 $20.00 $25.00 $30.00
2 $16.00 $24.00 $30.00 $35.00
3 $19.00 $28.50 $36.00 $40.00
4 $23.50 $35.25 $44.00 Call
5 $30.00 $42.00 Call Call
6 $35.00 $49.00 N/A N/A
Zone 4 Hour 2 Hour 1 Hour Direct
1, 2, 3 $35.00 $45.00 $55.00 Call
4 $38.00 $48.00 $58.00 Call
5 $40.00 $50.00 $60.00 Call
6 $40.00 $55.00 $65.00 Call

Telegraph Hill area is part of Zone 3.
Zone boundaries are approximate, please call for a precise quote or view our Google Zone Map. Prices listed are base rates only. Additional Charges may apply.

Bay Area Vehicle Services

When someone needs something TODAY that usually means it’s a rush. Considering that all we do is SAME DAY service, we break up our “rush” service levels based on time parameters and deadlines. For some, ASAP means “now!”… to others, it could mean “by end of day”. Let us know what your delivery deadline is and we will provide you with the most reasonable and economical service level. We have broken up our same-day vehicle services into the following three levels: SAME DAY, STANDARD, and RUSH.

The charts below provide some example rates for vehicle services to cities organized by Bay Area region as well as expected pickup/delivery windows for each service level according to the distance from San Francisco.

  • City Same Day Standard Rush
    Corte Madera $47.00 $68.50 $90.00
    Mill Valley $49.00 $70.50 $93.00
    Napa $108.00 $165.00 $205.00
    Novato $67.00 $100.00 $134.00
    Petaluma $83.00 $120.50 $158.00
    San Rafael $53.00 $77.00 $101.00
    Santa Rosa $114.00 $166.00 $217.00
    Sausalito $45.00 $65.00 $85.00
  • City Same Day Standard Rush
    Burlingame $41.50 $60.00 $79.00
    Mountain View $76.00 $110.00 $144.00
    Palo Alto $62.00 $90.00 $118.50
    Redwood City $56.00 $80.50 $106.00
    San Jose $88.50 $128.50 $168.00
    San Mateo $45.00 $67.50 $90.00
    Santa Clara $83.00 $120.50 $157.50
    South SF $35.00 $50.50 $66.50
  • City Same Day Standard Rush
    Alameda $48.50 $70.00 $92.00
    Berkeley $42.00 $61.50 $80.00
    Hayward $58.50 $84.50 $111.00
    Martinez $78.50 $113.50 $150.00
    Oakland $40.00 $58.00 $76.00
    Pleasanton $81.50 $119.00 $156.00
    Richmond $48.50 $70.00 $92.00
    Walnut Creek $62.00 $88.50 $116.00
Service Windows By Distance From San Francisco
Distance Same Day Standard Rush
Pick Up in San Francisco
< 35 Miles 4 hours 120-150 min 60-90 min
36 – 60 Miles 4-5 hours 2-3 hours 90-120 min
> 60 Miles 6 hours 4 hours 2-3 hours
Pick Up Outside of San Francisco
< 35 Miles 6 hours 4 hours 2 hours
36 – 60 Miles Call Call Call
> 60 Miles Call Call Call

Bay Area Rates are Based on Mileage from pickup to delivery address – rates listed here are approximate.

Additional Charges may apply.

Attorney Court Filings and Recordings
San Francisco Filing Rates for p/u in Zones 1 – 3. Call for Zones 4 – 6 rates.
Standard Orders ready 4+ hrs before deadline. Next day return by 10am. $40.00
Expedited Orders ready 2+ hrs before deadline and/or same-day return by 5p. $50.00
Rush Orders ready less than 2 hrs from deadline. Same-day return by 5p. $60.00

Attorney Services: Bay Area Court Filings, Department Drops, Recordings, and Document Retrieval.
Call for rates. Please include a job request form with all legal service materials. This helps us ensure that your important and sensitive work is handled exactly as specified. We are unable to provide filing services to parties in Pro Per.

Our hours of operation are 8AM – 6PM, Monday – Friday. Higher rates and restrictions apply closer to close of business; All packages are insured for up to $100. Proof of delivery is available upon request.

Additional Charges

  • $3 for bicycle packages over 21″ in length, and PKGS larger than a Medium size FedEx Box(express).
  • $6 for bicycle packages over 38″ in length, and PKGS as large as a FedEx 10kg Box or file box.
  • 20¢ per pound for bicycle packages over 10 pounds and vehicle packages over 20 pounds.
  • 50¢ per minute for bicycle waiting time after the first 5 minutes.
  • 75¢ per minute for vehicle waiting time which includes loading/unloading time after the first 5 minutes.
  • $5-$10 for special handling when fragile items are not packaged well or need special attention to transport safely.


All prices above are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact us directly for an accurate quote.